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Syringe (No cartridge)
Size 91×45.5×20 ㎜
Net weight : 52g (without Battery) / 61g(including Battery)
Insulin reservoir  300 unit, plastic impact resistant, insulin compatible

Bolus setting

 0 to 80 units. Bolus programs include normal, default, preset for meal appropriate, step programming
Bolus increments 0.05U / 0.1U /  0.5U / 1.0U
Basal profile Unit/Hr, Unit/Day
Basal increments 0 to 16 units/hour
Temporary basal rate 0% ~ 200% (Increment or reduce in 10%)
Basal delivery Every 4 min basis (varies, 0.5 u/hr = every 12 min)
Powersupply Uses only one 3.6 V DC Lithium Battery
Energy saver Screen sleep mode
Suspension mode Manual and program suspend options
Safety checks Dual microprocessors for continuous cross checking
Water resistant IPX8 rate - waterproof
Insulin concentration U-100 (default)
Time format 12 Hr (AM/PM) with optional military time
Alarm Audible tone (beep)
Safety settings Maximum bolus / Maximum basal
Maximum daily total /Low reservoir
Line occlusion / Low battery
Pump malfunction
Display Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with backlight. Largest display screen of any pump available, simple icon driven menu, auto-display of remaining insulin and battery life.
Warrantly 4 years
Extras 1 leather cases and one impact resistant hard case included with each pump. Additional user accessories of belt holder, bathing bag and bra pouch included in convenient travel kit. Extra battery keys and linking screws available at no cost if misplaced by user.
Memory Bolus history
Daily Total History
Prime History
Alarm History
Last300 boluses with time and date stamp
Last 60 daily insulin totals with time and date stamp
Last 60 primes with time and date stamp
Last 50 alarms with time and date stamp
Guided Management Features
16 programmable modes including options for:
Audible reminders for bolus insulin / CHO check 30 minutes post meal
Bolus frequency restrictions
Presetting meal appropriate boluses
Presetting of default bolus
PIN programming for healthcare professionals / caregivers to access guided management features
Choice of Languages English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Turkish, Germany, Russian
Colors Available in 5 colors

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