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75TH Scientific Session of American Diabetes Association (ADA)

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Sooil participated in the 75TH Scientific Session of American Diabetes Association (ADA) held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from 5th to 9th June, 2015. Over 15,000 clinicians and 18,000 attendees from all 50 states in USA and 130 countries made this bustling session closed with flying colors. With a large size booth of 800 square feet, Sooil was one of the most spotlighted exhibitors during the whole session. Many clinicians who visited our booth gave a lot of compliments on good quality, handy design and high cost-effectiveness of DANA pump.Sooil also showed them new NFC blood glucose meter and improved pc-software and mobile-application for total diabetes management ubiquitous system, which drew lots of attention with applause.This session was quite a successful event to enhance the brand value of DANA insulin pump among not only American doctors but also the clinicians from all over the world.


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