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SOOIL, have attended 77th Annual American Diabetics Association(ADA) &…

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Building on rich history and tradition, SOOIL, have attended 77th Annual American Diabetics Association(ADA) & Exhibition from June 9 to June 12.  

Over 130 countries and 14,000 doctors/persons concerned in worldwide have attended in this annual event. Excitement was in the air with more than ever sophisticated contents. 

SOOIL was the one and only Korean company that have installed big booth in the event. SOOIL was drawing much attention from many participants that advantages of ubiquitous system from DANA Insulin Pump was widely introduced to the clinicians during the event. 

Especially, when the next-generation insulin pump was announced, innovation history has been made that flood of inquires had been made from doctors and global industries. 

In addition, SOOIL received good reviews as one of the best company who always put patients' convenience first from providing constant updates and control of the current products. Which proved highly touted brand value of the DANA Insulin Pump one more time to the clinicians all over the world. 

After successful ADA, SOOIL will participate in upcoming EASD(European Association for the study of Diabetes)2017.



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