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SOOIL revealed new product in ICDM(International Congress of Diabetes …

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Insulin Pump Specialists, SOOIL was participated in ICDM(International Congress of Diabetes and Metabolism) 2017 which was held from September 28~30 at Seoul Grand Hilton Hotel and revealed “DANA RS” insulin pump for the first time in Korea, which was showcased in 53rd Annual European Association for the Study of Diabates(EASD).

ICDM is the 7th annual event started from 2011 that hosted by Korean Diabetes Association which is the representative international conference. 200 foreign participants from 35 countries and 1,500 diabetic experts have joined this event to share new information for Diabetes treatments. Since SOOIL already showcased new brand of Insulin Pump in Europe, interests from the participants were much higher than before. Especially, Smart Insulin Pump Application “Anydana” which fits perfectly for the Korean patients’ characteristics was the center of the attention.


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