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Sooil received a favorable review on highest level of medical treatmen…

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Sooil, the leading player in the Korean medical devices industry, received positive reviews this year for participating in the Middle East Medical Devices Show. Sooil, a leading provider of Insulin pump, announced that they have made a large new contract with several other inquiries about their products at the 43rd annual Arab Health in 2018 from January 29 to February 1.


Arab Health is the largest international medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East with more than 100,000 visits by medical providers from approximately 70 countries as of 2017. Sooil are said to have taken part in annual exhibitions to capture the health care market in the Middle East and Asia region, receiving much attention from businesses in the Middle East and Asia during the exhibition.


Especially, the recent launch of the new product, Dana RS(DanaRS) pump, was a center of attention that inquiries were came from more than 10 countries worldwide. Which includes Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and Vietnam.


Sooil officials have said that, "Throughout the exhibition, we received much attention from Middle Eastern and Asian business executives on our new product, Dana RS(DanaRS), including the company's flagship Dana insulin Pump series and accessories. In particular, local doctors who are treating diabetes by using our insulin pump have visited Sooil's booth to give praise for the fact that SOOIL's ubiquitous system is the most up-to-date and stable in treating diabetes."


On the other hand, the Middle Eastern medical device market is gradually expanding with the development of the medical industry, and at the same time, Korean companies are making a strong advance into the Middle East as they raise the awareness of the quality of Korean medical devices.


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