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DANA Insulin pump have participated in latest Technology for Diabetes …

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Sooil, The global healthcare company, received a favorable review of its new product "Dana Insulin Pump" at the 11th annual Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes(ATTD) which was held in Vienna, Austria in February.


Having shown Korea's high standard of medical technology when introducing the latest technologies in diabetes care around the world, Sooil was evaluated as upgrading its insulin pump treatment technology to a higher level. As a proof, many research papers on diabetes have been published by researchers at famous universities, including Cambridge University in the U.K.


Sooil's booth was packed with many officials and medical staff to pay keen attention to the "Dana insulin Pump" which led to joint R&D and business cooperation with international companies. It was also a great success because of new contracts and additional orders from existing European regions.


Patients who are actually using the DANA Insulin Pump in Europe came to the booth in person to express their appreciation. Nicky Coleman(45) who is living in Austria said, "While using insulin reservoirs, the reservoirs were so damaged in the past that I had to sterilize it every day. But after I use Dana insulin pumps, those pains were disappeared. That made me so happy." with surprise performance to thank all executives and staff members at SOOIL shown as below.


One official at SOOIL replied by, "We have prepared bigger booth this year than last year. It seems to be the result of the constant research over the past 40 years to prove the brand recognition and expectations of the new insulin pump. And new products that are about to be released are already drawing attention from many people. We will continue to do our best to improve the quality of our lives."


Meanwhile, beginning with the Arab Health in January, SOOIL will also attend the international Diabetes Association in the United States and Europe to keep the world informed about the high level and new technologies of SOOIL insulin pump.


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